Coop Building Service
Wayne New Jersey

Hello my name is Victor Alfieri, creator/editor of and a local
Urban Homesteading Expert. Currently offering a few homesteading services helping people become more sustainable. Focusing on community, health, family, and self-sufficient living.

Local help to get you started in the right direction.
Begin the process of gaining back some control.

Victor Alfieri - 201.220.4862 or Click for

Turkey, Chickens, Ducks, Rabbit, and Quail Coops

Local service offering complete coop setup and ongoing support. Get off to the right start and learn from a local expert.

Stop wasting money in the supermarket on
eggs with very little nutritional value.

Do you know what is fed to the chickens
laying your supermarket eggs?

Knowing where your food comes from.
Fresh Organic Eggs Right Outside Your Door.

You may already have a coop!
Existing Shed Conversions!
From Ugly Old Shed To Trendy Chicken Coop

building a coop

Old Children's Playhouse Conversions!
Playhouse today a chicken coop tomorrow.


Victor Alfieri - 201.220.4862 or Click for

PLEASE NOTE: If you are facing financial hardship and need to raise chicken hens
for food, with your help I will be happy to set up your chicken coop for free.
You just have to pay for all materials.