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Clean Cars, Environmentally Responsible
We're a state-of-the-art full service car wash that also features a Castrol Quick Lube. Designed to be environmentally friendly, our
58 solar panels provide clean, renewable electricity our waste water from car washes is treated with our advanced filtration system to remove impurities; our special furnaces burn waste oil collected in our Quick Lube to heat our facility.

We've won the Governor's Award for
Environmental Excellence and the Passaic County Green Buildings Award. And we've played an instrumental role in the adoption of State laws that encourage renewable energy.

Wayne Auto Spa In The News
Wind Turbine Settlement Agreement Approved
Judge sides with Wayne man who wants to put up wind turbine
Planning Board Approves Wind Turbine Application

Parties Could Be Back In Court Over Wind Turbine

Auto Spa Owner Buys 16 Chickens, Creates Garden

Auto Spa Victory Garden

Gardens were build using the Square Foot Gardening method
invented in 1975 by NJ resident and civil engineer Mel Bartholomew.

Before Mr. B. became an engineer he
was an efficiency expert. Mel would travel to manufacturing facilities, analyze there process, and help companies to become more efficient and save money. After retirement Mel started to backyard garden and SFG was born. 

35 years this method of gardening

s now emerged as the most practical,
efficient, cost effective, highest yielding
forms of backyard gardening on the
planet and
now being implemented and
used all over the world.

Square Foot Gardening is the practice
of planning small but intensively planted
gardens. The practice combines
concepts from other organic gardening
methods, including a strong focus on
compost, closely planted raised beds
and bio intensive attention to a small,
clearly defined area.

Garden Stats
11 Square Foot Gardens
Each garden has 22.66 sqft -
Total 249.26 sqft gardening space
1 Compost Bin/Worm Farm
22.66 sqft

The List


Green Beans

Sugar Snap Peas

Gardens should produce about 800 to 1,000 pounds in the first year. Yields will increase as soil is developed over time.

July 20th 2012

Chicken Coop
Cedar 8' x 10' = 80 square feet.

Chicken Run is 11' x 30' = 330 square feet.
16 Chicken hens are Rhode Island Reds and White Rock Mix, Egg layers.
Each chicken hen will lay about 300 eggs per yea

The girls day starts off at 6am when spa owner Rob Burke arrives to get the shop open. Door is open and the girls get fresh water and breakfast is served, trough style.

First hen to be named is Turbine
she has emerged as the Auto Spa
favorite girl.

Turbine Tillie is easy to identify. She

has a light colored body and darker
head. Much smaller than the other

Named Turbine Tillie because she is consistently been the toughest to get

in the coop every night. She's seems smarter than the rest, and lightning fast!

The girls love the company.
Stop by and relax on the garden picnic table and hang with the girls.


Rob Burke  Thursday, July 19, 2012

I just returned from Israel with my family. I appreciate your comments and those of everyone else -- but at this point, I'm really trying to live my life and to contribute what I can to make the world a better place. Both Israel and the 'Daks are inspirational for me in very different ways. These are both places, populated by people, who care deeply about the land for which they are stewards and protectors. These people inspire me.

They commit their lives to public service in the true sense -- they dedicate themselves to helping others, without any expectation of anything in return. Some helped to run a place that provides stimulation to old people who show up every day to 'work' -- they make crafts that they sell, and get a hot lunch every day. Others helped run a hospital populated by kids with extreme disabilities -- both acquired and from birth. All we did was show up with a suitcase filled with toys that we brought from the U.S. It seemed inadequate.

Why the ramble? Well, the objective for me is to figure out how to make my time on this planet meaningful. Litigation is a distraction from the greater good objective.
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Proceeds from the garden will be
to local food banks and charities.

Garden open to
the public.
Stop by & h
elp yourself to some healthy fresh food and make a donation.

Or make donation using PayPal.

Help Local Charities!

(as of 1-2013)

Wayne Interfaith Food Pantry (Flood Relief)
St. Mary's Food Pantry
City Green Food Pantry
Pines Lake School (Library Fund)
Packanack Lake Church (Flood Relief)

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